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Crazy Caption Photo No.145: "Dan In The Box"

(pictured: Dan Haseltine of Jars Of Clay)
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"...and here we have an a Black-Jacketed Haseltine. Please don't tap the glass; they get angry if you do that." [George]
Dan In The Box [wookiee5]
"And now...Magnum!" [DJones]
"Remember, after you download this picture, photoshop me into a spiderman suit." [Danie]
I don't think this is what is meant by an "artist showcase." [kevlar]
Perhaps he never left the zoo after all. [Shelby]
Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne descends to the batcave... [Sector311]
"I'm in a glass case of emotion!" [Nate] *winner*
"No No No...listen, I really am trapped in this box. Could you put the camera down and get me some help?" [g-money]
"And in this section of the zoo we have Dan Haseltine in his natural habitat. This is a great photo opportunity, but please remember not to use your flash!" [josh]
After becoming too violent the band decided to donate Dan to the local zoo. [ty]
"You're a tiger! You're Tony the tiger!...you're Grrrreat!" [Timothy]
Jars Are Caged [mada]
"And here in this display we have an excellent specimen of [ccmus artisticus musicanus]" [brent]
"Oooh, look mommy! It's a Dan Haseltine!" [kyaL]
" ...And for the final part of the tour, we have a very special species. Only ever seen in very remote areas. He has a diet very similar to that of a human. He has tendency to get very irritated if you get to close so I sugest you... Oh! Jess get away from him." [Jennie]
After years of unsuccessfully trying to be a mime, he finally just put himself in a real glass box. [BurningBlaze]
"Look into my eyes...you are getting sleepy...you are thinking, 'Jars of Clay is suddenly my new fav band'..." [Jas]
"I'm sorry, I can't focus....there's a smudge on the glass and it's driving me NUTS!" [mary]
Picture proof that hiding behind a glass wall is bad in hide and go seek! [LCRUM]
"Maybe there's more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking..." [evan]
"Does your camera happen to have a glass cutter hidden in it somewhere?" [drum]
Artists who refuse to pose for pictures at the Dove Awards are placed in a glass box for easier accessibility. [notoftheworld]
"This is awkward... I'm just tying my shoe." [thesouthisonfire]

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