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Crazy Caption Photo No.147: "Mike Check"

(pictured: Mike Smith of Leeland)
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The Sound of Mike's Screams [Helisia]
"Mission control, come in mission contro- hey... OK! Who changed my life feed to K-LOVE!?!?" [J. Scot Brien]
"Cut the red wire! No, the RED wire!!" [jk84panhead]
"Tait is in Newsboys?!" [Sarah]
"Leeland?..... I was just kidding about the guitar, it's not broken! Lee?" [hickinbotham]
"Just want to serve my country, be the best pilot in the Navy, Sir!" [amanda]
"I don't know man... If you could see what I'm looking at, you'd probably soil yourself too..." [eric.reno]
"I'm on the NO CALL registry and I am NOT telling you again!" [misfit]
"Dude, I don't care if the smaller earphones have a higher risk of causing hearing loss, these huge things are killing me!" [alexisloveskutless]
And that's when he noticed the gigantic booger on the mouthpiece of his headset. [Mandy]
"What do mean, 'He's back?!'" [nmjcollie]
"What!? My Crazy Caption didn't win again?!" [ballerinarocker]
"Uh... Houston? We have a problem." [Zane]
"Do you understand the words that are comin' outta my mouth?!" ["Maniac" Matt]
"Did he just call me Bart? This interview is OVER!" [gmoney]
"What do you mean by 'the viking look is dead!?'" [Micahel James Kuhlman]
As the national anthem began to play, he suddenly realized something: that was his band out there. [Ms. smog] *winner*
"I just can't do it, Captain! I don't have the power!" [newsboyphreek]
"Smith to Mooring... Smith to Mooring... Come in Mooring" [Steph]
"Do these headphones make my beard look big?" [HayJay]
"Leeland? How did you manage to fit inside this little black thing?" [Harry]
"Hey guys, guess what....I stole someone's headset! And it ROCKS!!!" [thatwouldbeme]

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