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Crazy Caption Photo No.158: "Cars of Play"

(pictured: Front to Back - Steve Mason, Charlie Lowell, and Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay.
Photo by Matt Odmark)
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"Don't you hate backseat jiving?" [Ryan]
Cars of Play [tRev]
"We really need to get at least TWO hands doing the same thing." [Tom]
"I'm singing. I'm in a car and I'M SINGING!!" [Jeff]
You think this is awkward, you should see what they did while tracking drums. [Sector311]
The Long Ride Back to Home [JeromeShalom]
"Man, our venues get smaller and smaller!" [bennettz]
"Whoa! It's like they are playing right in my back seat! Oh, wait..." [jennawithab]
Three Jars In A Car [Matthew Walker]
"That's not nice guys- don't make fun of the Jonas Brothers." [Yohannisberg]
"...I'm not with them." [BurningBlaze]
The word "Traveling Band" is redifined. [chewbaka123]
"La la la la, let's annoy Charlie!!" [sh4jesusfreak]
Thankfully, the new Korgs have an automatic electric shock to prevent situations like this one. [trvs]
"We can't start the car, I've lost my... oh are my keys!" [Christian Wilson] *winner*
Dad could handle the road trip sing-alongs, but once the keyboard was added to the mix, he had to put his foot down. [Kels the Kween of Krunk]
"911 How may I help you?" "Yes, um, we have three men trapped in the back of a Geo with a keyboard trapping them in-.....hello....Ma'am?" [Meaghan]
Ever since a lucky occurrence at a Wendy's in Omaha, the Jars of Clay boys have sung their orders to drivethrough attendants in an attempt to get free food. [Xhoven]
They took the term "taking the show on the road" a little too literally. [crossie]
The first piano powered car failed on the first test. [Rylee]
"Fasten your piano tightly, this is going to be a very musical ride!" [Legolas8884]
"We're having a car-ncert!" [Jakodog92]
You would think that by now Jars of Clay would be able to afford a real studio. [Indygus]

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