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Crazy Caption Photo No.160: "Dumpster Drowsin'"

(pictured: Matt Fuqua of The Afters)
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Sign that the recession's horrible #264: Even famous people can no longer afford hotel rooms. [crazycate]
"Ok, just ONE more time before I throw it away for good..." [Nelson] *winner*
Who knew dumpster diving was so exhausting? [romans5eightlane]
"I didn't think this is what they meant by 'living on the road.'" [FISHER]
Please adopt a Bandmember in need... [Davy]
"Not now, Garbage Guy! Five more minutes!" [SchwimmerGuy]
1: Cardboard Only. 2: Garbage Only. 3: Musicians Only. [BurningBlaze]
I guess this is when you know your band has finally hit rock bottom. [SkilletobyMac]
Poor Man's Country Club [Catherine]
Tryouts for the band Oh, Sleeper have taken a turn toward the strange. [jk84panhead]
"Awww.... Look at that poor homeless person. Hey, wait a second! Isn't he from that one band..." [Jason]
"So the whole 'band' thingy didn't work, huh?" [crouton raley]
"I was taking out the trash when a sudden wave of exhaustion struck me..." [DHlove]
Thinking back on it later that night, the band was SURE they had forgotten something, they just couldn't remember what... [Spirit_of_song]
"Myspace Girl, meet Mattress Guy." [Matthew Walker]
Dumpster Drowsin' [Andrew]
"Um, I don't think that beeping sound is your alarm clock..." [Tera]
For just the price of a cup of coffee a day, you too can support a Contemporary Christian Musician. [Super Sassquatch]
"Whipped cream?" "Check!" "Sharpie marker?" "Check!" "Getaway van?" "Check!" "Let's move in, boys..." [josh]
Little did he know that, moments later, the garbage truck would be making its daily rounds... [Candace]
Lebeda mattresses let you sleep comfortably - ANYWHERE! [Natalie]
"...and then I said the stupidest thing that a newlywed could say to his young wife: I said, 'I never said that.'" [ThatSouthPawChick]

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