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Crazy Caption Photo No.162: "Pranktus Real"

(pictured: Matt Hammitt and Chris Rohman of Sanctus Real / credit: Osuch Photos)
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"Whoa! That's not where the plug goes, man!" [JLav]
It wouldn't be until after he made it back to his hotel room that night that he realized his wallet was missing... [Jeremy]
"Remember the old days when you just had to wind these guys up? Plugging them in is such a pain." [Tgtguy]
"Hold on, hold on. Im turning on the T-pain app." [Zakk]
Fourteen years later, Chris still didn't know how to work his amp. [Leela]
"I swear, the Glade commercial said you can plug it in anywhere!" [Clare]
Stopping in the middle of the song he remembered he needed to add another 25 cents for the concert to continue. [MatthewThiessenROCKS!!]
Pick-pocket tip #75: don't draw attention to yourself by singing into a microphone while you do it. [Samm]
"I'm lighting what's called a Rohman candle." [Natey]
"It's just a part of being a family, taking the good and the bad and a pantsing..." [Samman] *winner*
"O-M-G he used my Bedazzler AGAIN!" [lala:)]
"About to be lookin like a fool, with yo guitar on the ground!" [Maestro]
You put the amp cord in, you take the amp cord out! You glance up at your pal, and see he's foaming at the mouth... [purely hopeful]
"I said, NO MORE GUITARS!!!" [brzlnfrk]
Blatantly the worst game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".....ever [iseberg89]
He looks happy, but when they get off stage Matt's getting a long lecture. [RelientOwl]
"You guys ready for the pyrotechnics?!" [Remixedprotech]
"Just keep moving your fingers! I'll make guitar sounds with my voice." [Chad Ferguson]
Pranktus Real [dolphin]
"DUDE! what does this do? do you need it? can i have it?" [AC_ICE]
"Ah hah! That tickles! Oh... This is going on JFH isn't it..." [TheOneWithTheFoot]

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