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Crazy Caption Photo No.174: "Heath Wave"

(pictured: Brandon Heath)
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Due to constant bugdet cuts, and higher taxes, the band had to be creative for their next vacation. [\m/(-.-)\m/ MiniMee]
He smiled and appreciated the gesture, but deep down he knew that it was only a skateboard and a bedspread. [taylorwwjd]
Leaving Atlantis [Joshua Clark]
"Give me a ride for just one second, Give me a ride so I can be riding imaginary blue waves, give me a ride so I can cruise again..." [AChap86]
"You should see how I ski" [Nicky J]
"I'm doing it guys... I'm DOING IT!!" [Tishbite] *winner*
"Skates up Dude!" [GOD is GOOD]
"Real surfers never let the cold and snow stop them!" [LlamaHomefry]
Heath Wave [King]
Brandon: "Make the wave as BIG as you can, I'm sending this picture to Mom" [Tal]
These are what they call land legs... [pene]
"No Brandon, bend your knees a little more! Come on, at least TRY to make it look real!" [typicaltuesday]
At least this way nobody got to see that he couldn't swim. [Jennawithab]
"I'm afraid of sharks... Don't judge." [Nate]
One word: RECESSION [D.J.]
"Dude, I think you need a surfboard and water if you want to surf." "But- but this is so much FUN!" [Jake]
"Sorry, Brandon - no surfboard - we blew the budget on the wave" [Indygus]
In Death Valley, this is the closest thing to surfing you can get. [sammykat]
His love for obscure internet sports was surpassed only by his fear of water. [SMC]
"You totally Photoshopped this, right?" [skilletchick]
"Go Brandon, it's your birthday, go Brandon..." [Lara]
"Tarp's up dude!" [DJ Ska]
"Yo Brandon, you do realize you're not actually--" "Shh! He thinks he's surfing, don't ruin the moment!" [cweb118]
"The Yankees are now pulling the tarp off the field... wait, there seems to be a problem!" [aquard]

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Tishbite won a full pre-release copy of Leaving Eden by Brandon Heath (and an exclusive JFH "Caption Winner" button!)


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