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Crazy Caption Photo No.183: "Under Growth"

(pictured: Daniel Davison of Underoath)
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"Sorry. Sometimes I get food in my beard." [John D'Agostino]
Geico Caveman: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on Breakfast. [RockinOutTJ]
"Waiter, there's some hair on my menu. And it's attached to a man..." [Jakers]
"Okay, I see how long your beard has gotten, now can I get some lunch?!" [A non e moose]
"Of these options, which is less likely to get in my beard?" [Jeff]
"So, this is what I've narrowed it down to, everything under the beard I don't want." [Bethany]
If you find a whisker in any of the following items you win a prize! [Alienxphile]
"Grizzly Adams called. He wants his beard back!" [Stacy]
"Buy any item on this menu, and you get a free beard!" [Ambrosia Bunny]
"Oh me? I'm not getting anything. The beard would like an omelet though." [Chris]
"Cutting my beard with a laminated menu isn't working too well..." [Bobby]
Eat all your food. It will put hair on your chin. [Shannon]
"The goats milk is the BEST!" [played_out_fairytale]
"You see this beard? It's magical, isn't it? It once saved a baby cheetah. True Story." [Danaecious]
"What do you mean my beard isn't enough for free pancakes? Just look!" [Rai]
Fiddler in the Booth [MadSkillzLikesSka]
"Yes, I'll have the beard-battered onion rings, please." [sarahontherun]
"Shhh, I always get an extra egg and hide it in my beard for later!" [Theo]
"DUDE! my beard is on the menu... get it?" [Ironman]
"Look! That menu grew a beard and a face!" [Micah Abner] *winner*

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Micah Abner won a copy of One Song At A Time by Jamie Grace (and an exclusive JFH "Caption Winner" button!)


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