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Artist Discography

[1999 - 2013; 2017 - Present]

Style: Screamo / Hardcore / Alternative

Band Members:
Spencer Chamberlain... Vocals
Daniel Davison... Drums
Timothy McTague... Guitar
James Smith... Guitar
Christopher Dudley ... Keyboards
Grant Brandell... Bass

Underoath Discography

  1. Erase Me [Explicit], 2018 [Fearless]
  2. Icon, 2014 [Solid State/Capitol]
  3. Cries of the Past (2000) Re-Release, 2013 [Solid State]
  4. Act of Depression (1999) Re-Release, 2013 [Solid State]
  5. Anthology 1999-2013, 2012 [Solid State]
  6. Play Your Old Stuff, 2011 [Solid State]
  7. Ø (Disambiguation), 2010 [Solid State]
  8. Ø (Disambiguation): Deluxe Edition, 2010 [Solid State]
  9. Lost In the Sound Of Separation, 2008 [Solid State]
  10. Lost In the Sound Of Separation: Special Edition CD/DVD, 2008 [Solid State]
  11. Lost In the Sound Of Separation: Deluxe Edition CD/DVD, 2008 [Solid State]
  12. Survive, Kaleidoscope CD/DVD, 2008 [Solid State]
  13. Define the Great Line, 2006 [Solid State]
  14. Define the Great Line Limited Special Edition CD/DVD, 2006 [Solid State]
  15. They’re Only Chasing Safety Re-Issue, 2005 [Solid State]
  16. They’re Only Chasing Safety, 2004 [Solid State]
  17. The Changing of Times, 2002 [Solid State]
  18. Cries of the Past, 2000 [Takehold]
  19. Act of Depression, 1999 [Takehold]

Compilation Contributions

  1. Punk Goes Acoustic, Vol. 3, 2019 .... "A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White - Acoustic" [Fearless]
  2. Tooth & Nail Records Summer Sampler 2011, 2011 .... "Paper Lung" (from Ø (Disambiguation)) [Tooth & Nail]
  3. Solid State Records Summer Sampler 2011, 2011 .... "Paper Lung" (from Ø (Disambiguation)) [Solid State]
  4. Fire It Up, 2011 .... "Reinventing Your Exit" [Tooth & Nail]
  5. X2011, 2011 .... "In Division" (from Ø (Disambiguation)) [BEC]
  6. I Am Solid State, 2011 .... "In Division" (from Ø (Disambiguation)) [Solid State]
  7. Vans Warped Tour: 2009, 2009 .... "We Are The Involuntary" (from Lost In The Sound of Separation) [Side One Dummy]
  8. Songs From The Penalty Box Vol. Seven, 2009 .... "Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home" [Tooth & Nail]
  9. Tooth & Nail Records: The Ultimate Collection, 2008 .... "Reinventing Your Exit" (from They’re Only...) [Tooth & Nail]
  10. X2008, 2007 .... "You're Ever So Inviting" (from Define the Great Line) [BEC]
  11. X Worship 2007, 2007 .... "To Whom It May Concern" (from Define the Great Line) [Forefront]
  12. X2007, 2006 .... "Writing On The Walls" (from Define the Great Line) [BEC]
  13. X2006, 2006 .... "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door" (from They're Only Chasing Safety) [BEC]
  14. Vans Warped Tour: 2006, 2006 .... "Moving For The Sake of Motion" (from Define The Great Line) [Side One Dummy]
  15. Vans Warped Tour: 2005, 2005 .... "It's Dangerous Business Walking Our Your Front Door" (from They're Only Chasing Safety) [Side One Dummy]
  16. X Worship 2006, 2005 .... "Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape" (from They’re Only Chasing Safety) [Worship Together]
  17. ¡Policia! A Tribute to The Police, 2005 .... "Wrapped Around Your Finger" [Militia Group]
  18. Tooth & Nail Vs Solid State, 2005 .... "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door" [Tooth & Nail/Solid State]
  19. X2005, 2005 .... "Reinventing Your Exit" (from They’re Only Chasing Safety) [BEC]
  20. Music On The Brain, 2004 .... "I Got 10 Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack" [Smart Punk]
  21. Take Action Vol. 4, 2004 .... "Reinventing Your Exit" [Sub City]
  22. This Is Solid State Vol. 5, 2004 .... "A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White" [Solid State]
  23. This Is Solid State Vol. 4, 2003 .... "The Changing of the Times" (from Changing of Times) [Solid State]
  24. This Is Solid State Volume 3, 2002 .... "Letting Go of Tonight" (from Changing of Times) [Solid State]

Video Compilation Contributions

  1. Dominate Vol. 3 DVD, 2009 .... "Desperate Times Desperate Measures" [Tooth & Nail]
  2. Dominate Vol. 2 DVD, 2008 .... "A Moment Suspended In Time" [Tooth & Nail]
  3. Take Action Vol. 6 CD/DVD, 2007 .... "In Regards to Myself" [Sub City]

Artist Videography

  1. Survive, Kaleidoscope CD/DVD, 2008 [Solid State]
  2. 777, 2007 [Solid State]
  3. In Regards To Myself (UK Release Only), 2006 [Solid State]

Underoath Concert Reviews

  1. Purple Door 2011 - 8/13/11, Lebanon, PA

Collector's Items

  1. Ø (Disambiguation) Vinyl, 2010 [Solid State]
  2. Define The Great Line Double Gatefold Vinyl, 2006 [Solid State]
  3. Define The Great Line 7" Vinyl Single, 2006 [Solid State]
  4. They’re Only Chasing Safety Vinyl + bonus song, 2004 [Solid State]

Tributes To Artist

  1. Painted Red: Strung Out On Underoath, 2006 [Vitamin]

Former Members

  1. Aaron GillespieAaron Gillespie... Drums, Vocals (til 2010)
  2. Dallas Taylor ... Vocals (til 2003)
  3. Corey Steger ... Guitar, Vocals (til 2002)
  4. Octavio Fernandez ... Guitar (til 2003)
  5. Matt Clark ... Bass (2000-2002)

Underoath Links

  1. Official Site
  2. Underoath Lyrics
  3. JFH Interview (2010)
  4. "Underoath Fans" Fan Site




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