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Crazy Caption Photo No.187: "Give Me Your Hand"

(pictured: Brandon Heath)
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*MUAH* "You might want to put on lotion" [Crouton]
"Give me your hand for just one second... give me your hand so I can see" [Christian]
"Hmm. Looks infected." [Micah]
Brandon Heath, A.K.A. "The Modern Prince Charming" [Maestro]
"Subject Heath, please do not ever fart while my mother is present." "Yes, your majesty. I'm sorry your majesty." [whitle09g]
"Alright, I won't cut off your head. NEXT." [Andriella] *winner*
"Manners?: check, Style?: check, Good Looks?: check Good Singing Voice?: check, Smell?: Sorry Brandon. You're not fit to be royalty yet!" [PanheadsRock]
"I thought Prince Charming would be more ...well, CHARMING." [Tahl]
"Stranger Danger!" [Jeff]
"Suddenly, right as he was kissing the princess he was immediatly vaporized by a beam of vengeful, jealous rage eminating from the face of the king sitting quietly in the corner " [Kyton]
Brandon: "I'm your Prince Charming!" Girl: "Ewww!" [Victoria]
"We're sorry the hand dryer was broken. I'll take care of it." [Dave]
Princess of Eden [Stacy]
"Well, he's no Prince Williams, but he'll have to do..." [theoneleft]
"Uuhhhh, SECURITY!!!" [Eli]
The princess and the popstar [Gg54]
The young reporter was so flustered by his chivalry that she forgot what her next interview question was. [Jesus Fanatic]
Accidental red sock in wash = Pink shirt = Ladies' man [JPC]
...and they both lived happily ever after. The End! [freakofthefoot]

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Andriella won a copy of Love Is Making A Way, the new album by Sixteen Cities (and an exclusive JFH "Caption Winner" button!)


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