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Crazy Caption Photo No.199: "Leeland Before Time"

(pictured: Mike Smith of Leeland; Source: Mike's Instagram Feed, @mikesmithleeland)
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Dino Riders! Harness the Power of Dinosaurs! [zakk]
How to escape quicksand: ride a dinosaur. [Ambrosia Bunny]
"Does anybody know the nearest place I can buy a dinosaur saddle?" [Grimes]
Leeland Before Time [Jefferson]
Save the horse, ride a dinosaur! [Julia]
"It's OK guys! I'm totally safe! His little arms can't reach me!" [Shannon]
"Fight against the sadness Artax!" [Curtis Aube] *winner*
"What are you gonna do today?" "I don't know. Chill. Hang out. Ride my dinosaur. The usual." [caycurr95]
T-rexting and driving is very dangerous. Always park your dino before taking your eyes off the road as shown. [Joey123]
No one had the heart to tell him it wasn't real. [Tahl]
Noah's directionally challenged son, Darrel, should never have been given the task of leading the dinosaurs to the Ark... [pdub]
"Giddy up!!" [mar17]
It has finally been revealed to the public, a picture of the last dinosaur to ever roam planet earth. Unfortunately the picture is of a human being shoving it into a sink hole... [IsHereForNow]
T-Wrecks [Stephanie]
Mike is on the Move [Rick Nike]
Worst Tourbus Ever [Dustin]
"It's just like I always dreamed!" [Vinny]
"This dinosaur ride is the pits." [rawkfist777]
Though tar pits clamed the lives of many dinosaurs, Mike was too smart to suffer the same fate. [Ambrosia Bunny]
"It's getting deeper, you better climb onto my head...." [Bobby]

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