Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!
Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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Hawk Nelson, Let's Dance The Remixes EP
Hawk Nelson
Let's Dance The Remixes EP

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 4 tracks
Street Date: December, 2008

There are only four songs on Hawk Nelson's Let's Dance The Remixes EP, but I guess that is what extended preview is suppose to be. Luckily, all four songs are wonderful! In my opinion, the remixes are better than the original "Let's Dance" song from Hawk Nelson is my Friend. All four songs make you want to crank up the volume and bust out some moves, but they all have their own style! For example, the "Dance Hall Remix" is a song full of funky beats you could do the robot to, but the "Dojo Dominating Remix" is a good one for the mosh pit.

Each track is each band member's take on the song "Let's Dance." Jason Dunn did the "Dojo Dominating Remix," Daniel Brio did the "Shuffle Shuffle Remix," "Down the Rabbit Hole Remix" was by Jonathon Steingard, and Justin Benner did "Dance Hall Remix."

But sadly, there are downsides. The only possible way (that I know of) to get your hands on these amazing songs is you have to order it with a T-shirt for $18 off of the BEC Recordings store. This may be good or bad depending if you want the shirt. Downside number two is that it is not a CD that comes with your shirt, it is a download card.

I totally recommended this Let's Dance The Remixes EP for everyone! But is it worth the $18 (with a t-shirt)? I think so!

JFH Reader Review: Review date: 3/21/10, written by Valerie Seelye for


. Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records
. Album length: 4 tracks
. Street Date: December, 2008
. Buy It:

  1. Let's Dance (Dojo Dominating Remix) by Jason Dunn
  2. Let's Dance (Shuffle Shuffle Remix) by Daniel Biro
  3. Let's Dance (Down The Rabbit Hole Remix) by Jonathon Steingard
  4. Let's Dance (Dance Hall Remix) by Justin Benner



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Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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