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Below are the currently existing Titles and their Tracks for "Kevin Max".
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    Broken Temples (2015)
          01. Good Kings Highway
          02. Light Me Up
          03. Just As I Am
          04. Clear
          05. When We Were Young
          06. That Was Then and This Is Now
          07. White Horse
          08. Another Big Mistake (Derek Webb Remix)
          09. Going Clear (Derek Webb Remix)
          10. Infinite
          11. Freak Flag
          12. Lay Down Your Weapons My Friend

    Cotes d' Armor (True Rebels) (2010)
          01. On Yer Bike!
          02. 2099 [Instrumental]
          03. Out Of The Wild
          04. Walking Through Walls (Just To Get To You)
          05. Even When It Hurts
          06. Magadhi Prakrit (Slow) [Instrumental]
          07. Baby I'm Your Man
          08. We Love Dangerous
          09. Train To Transylvania [Instrumental]
          10. Future Love Song
          11. Your Beautiful Mind
          12. Traveler
          13. Abyssmal (More Than This) [Instrumental]
          14. Saint Of Lonely Hearts
          15. Death Of CCM (Cybergenic Cyclic Machines) [Instrumental]
          16. Unholy Triad

    Crashing Gates EP (2008)
          01. Traveler
          02. Baby I'm Your Man
          03. The Saint Of Lonely Hearts
          04. Future Love Song
          05. Out Of The Wild
          06. Crashing Gates And Passing Keepers
          07. Your Beautiful Mind 2009

    The Imposter (2005)
          01. Confessional Booth
          02. The Imposter
          03. Sanctuary
          04. Your Beautiful Mind
          05. Jumpstart Your Electric Heart!
          06. Platform
          07. The Royal Path Of Life
          08. The Imposter's Song
          09. Stay
          10. I Need You, The End
          11. When He Returns
          12. Fade To Red (Antigalaxy)

    Between The Fence And The Universe (2004)
          01. Seek
          02. 21st Century Darlings
          03. Irish Hymn
          04. Stranded 72.5
          05. Golden
          06. Hallelujah
          07. To The Dearly Departed

    Stereotype Be (2001)
          01. Return Of The Singer
          02. Existence
          03. Be
          04. Angel With No Wings
          05. Shaping Space
          06. Dead End Moon
          07. Union Of Souls
          08. The Secret Circle
          09. I Don't Belong
          10. Blind
          11. On And On
          12. Her Game
          13. Deconstructing Venus
          14. I Went Over The Edge Of The World
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