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11. Captured

by TobyMac


All I wanna do
All I wanna do

Iím Your prisoner by choice
I will rest at Your feet
And Iíll only lift my voice
When You want me to sing
Itís the beauty of Your covering thatís stealing my heart
And itís the mystery of You that tears me apart

If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take
And if I should get a peaceful sleep
I wanna wake at my Fatherís feet

All I wanna do is get into You
You got me captured
(By Your love)
All I wanna do is stay here with You
You got me raptured
(Canít get enough)

Letís go
The sunís on the rise
The sleepís in my eyes
The dewís on the ground
The night is disguised
Thereís hope in the air
Iím fresh off a prayer
The blue mountain bean is cleariní my stare
I make recompense
Itís all makiní sense
Like blood in my veins
Youíre my sustenance
The moment of trust
The ďmeĒ becomes ďusĒ
The ďweĒ become ďoneĒ
Your gift is my gust of wind
ĎTil we meet again

So faith, donít fail me now
If you touch my heart
You can feel it pound
So faith, donít fail me now

So faith, donít fail me now
If you touch my heart
You can feel it poundiní
So faith, donít fail me now

So faith, donít fail me now
When I touch my heart
I can feel it pound
Gotta get myself up off this ground
Faith, donít fail me now

You got me, and You wonít let go

Behind the Song:
ďItís sort of a TobyMac worship song, and I donít write many like that. Iím sure no one in the worship community would consider that a worship song, but to me it is. Iím singing directly to God, telling him heís got me absolutely captured. Heís got me where he wants me, and Iím in the sweet spot. I love the rap verse on there; it makes the song more interesting to me. I just did what I wanted to do; I didnít look at any formula. The first verse is sung with a rap pre-chorus, and the second verse is rap with a sung pre-chorus. Itís my version of a worship song that wonít ever be sung congregationally.Ē - tobyMac




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