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05. God Save The Foolish Kings

by House of Heroes


Midnight. At the school.
'Hind the bleachers.
Thereʼs gonna be a rumble.
The Lions and the Kings.
And my baby she cries
In her bed and she worries.
My baby she prays:
“ God save the Kings!”

Promise me you wonʼt do anything crazy. Promise me.
I promise you I wonʼt do anything baby.
I promise you.
I promise you nothing.

Weʼre outcasts only 'cause we chose to dream,
Weʼre princes whoʼd rather dine with thieves,
Weʼre honest only 'cause the truth it cannot hide,
God save us, the foolish Kings.

Midnight, at the school,
Behind the bleachers,
(Hey baby, let's go let's go!)
Thereʼs gonna be a rumble,
But the cops wonʼt be notified.
So the lions bear their arms,
But the Kings gonna break the hearts of their babies tonight.

Weʼre daring only 'cause weʼve none to lose,
Weʼre lions missing half our teeth,
Weʼre honest only 'cause the truth it cannot hide.
God save us, the foolish Kings.
God save us, the foolish Kings.

And we fight 'cause we'd rather break our bones than brave this loneliness,
And we draw blood 'cause we're just trying to draw out some significance,
But I met God on the street tonight,
He said, "Choose your battles wisely or you'll never find me."

We're devils try'n to earn our angels wings,
And we stumble at every turn indeed,
We're desperate chasing down the love to just survive,
God save us, the foolish Kings.
God save us, the foolish Kings.
God save us, (God save us.)
The foolish Kings.




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