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Crazy Caption Photo No.057: "My Finger Points!"

(pictured: Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline)
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"Thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-sev--dangit. One, two..." [Nate]
"That's Him! That's the guy that paid $4 for a Coke...idiot!" [BIG A]
"You put your left arm in, you put your left arm out..." [Juliewoo]
"Is that Barry Blair?!" [SuperflyJ777]
"You, in the red shirt, put your hands down...the kid next to you is suffocating." [Genni]
"You! Get up here! You're the guy that downloaded our music!" [Camaren]
"I had this dream, and YOU were there, and YOU, and YOU..." [Lenka]
Dared by a fellow bandmate, Mark proceeded to walk to the edge of the stage and show off a booger he had just picked. [turfmaster_guy]
"YOU'RE FIRED!" [NewsGirlAussieChick]
"Who here loves JfH?" [gimp]
"Hey, you in the chicken suit. Get back up here." [hunzwasagoodman]
"You get a car! You get a car! Every body gets a car!" [paco]
"Let me hear ya say 'Twelve more years! Twelve more years!'" [Lloyd]
"Yes, you with the newsboys shirt on... we need to talk..." [pettusr]
"Duck...duck...duck...gosh this may take awhile..." [crazy bananas]
"Soldiers of Gondor! Men of Rohan! This day we fight!" [thatonedude]

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