Listen to the new album, United, from the Newsboys!
Listen to the new album, United, from the Newsboys!

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02. A Harder Place

by Jerry Akin


Enough with this illusion that my life had some solution of its own.
The only thing that works inside my self is just a switch that You turned on.
I used to think I was just a pearl,
Caught up in my little world
Like a shellfish;
Insincere to someone else
Sincerely into what I felt,
I was selfish.
But then it all got turned around
The night I came around and saw Your face.
Before I met You I was stuck,
Stuck between a rock and a harder place

I put away my valuables, collectables, and every kind of thing
ĎCause when I left to follow You, You told me that my cross was all Iíd bring.
And the disappearing act of just appearing to act distant from my peers
Has become an authenticity as Iím no longer in that sea of tears.
Lookiní back at that stompiní ground and the time I spent, Iíve found it all a waste.
Before I met you I was stuck,
Stuck between a rock and a harder place.

And itís a wonder that my soul survived.
But I pulled the plug, and I came alive.
Oh it took me years, but I found my place.
ĎCause you rescued me from a harder place.

Letís hold on tight and buckle up, keep moving, donít get stuck along the road.
But never let us pass on by the high and dry
Who need a lighter load.
For everyone of us can say weíve all been lost along the way, no doubt;
So heart to God and hand to man, our Master Plan demands we help them out.
We were all like sheep astray until we got picked up by way of grace.
Before You found us, we were stuck,
Stuck between a rock and a harder place.

(Repeat Chorus)

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