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JFH Song Lyrics

Artist List   /   KJ-52

Below are the currently existing Titles and their Tracks for "KJ-52".
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    What Happened Was... (2019)
          01. Beastmode
          02. Go for It
          03. Big Enough
          04. Have a Good Day
          05. Flex
          06. Depression Nap
          07. Gimme That Chicken
          08. Jim and Pam

    Dangerous (2012)
          01. It’s Going Down ft. Canton Jones
          02. They Like Me ft. Lecrae
          03. Superhero
          04. Dangerous
          05. Facemelt
          06. Shake Em Up
          07. Do The Bill Cosby ft. George Moss
          08. So Far Apart ft Emily from Shine Bright Baby
          09. Brand New Day
          10. Speed That Light ft. Rhema Soul
          11. That Was My Life ft. Dre Murray
          12. Go

    Five-Two Television (2009)
          01. Five-Two Television [Intro]
          02. Adventures Of Tweezyman
          03. End Of My Rope
          04. The Chris Carlino Story: Day One [Interlude]
          05. Headline News @ 5 (Co Starring Theory Hazit)
          06. He Did That
          07. Let's Go (Co Starring Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch)
          08. The Chris Carlino Story: Week Two [Interlude]
          09. Are You Online?
          10. Calling You (Co-Starring JR)
          11. Headline News @ 11 (Co-Starring Braille)
          12. Picture
          13. Shake It Off
          14. Gonna Be Alright
          15. Help Me Change (Co Starring Rob Beckley of Pillar)
          16. Swagged Out With Tags Out (Co Starring Da' T.R.U.T.H)
          17. The Chris Carlino Story: Week Four [Interlude]
          18. Fuego (Co Starring Funky)
          19. Tweezy Dance
          20. Let It Go
          21. Firestarter (Co Starring Group 1 Crew)
          22. Broken People
          23. The Chris Carlino Story: Week Five [Interlude]
          24. Dear God

    The Missing Pages (2008)
          01. Do Yo Thang Remix (ft. B. Reith)
          02. Keep Shining (ft. Goldinchild)
          03. Stuck in the 80's
          04. Starbucks Takes All My Money
          05. I Got It I Got It
          06. Push Up Remix (ft. Sev Statick)
          07. You Can Still Come Back Remix (ft. Eric Cross)
          08. Pump That Remix
          09. I Can Never Forget You (ft. Liquid)
          10. What You Want
          11. All I Need (ft. Cam)
          12. I Used To
          13. I Almost Got Shot Last Night

    The Yearbook (2007)
          01. Will You Ever Know?
          02. Do Ya Thang
          03. You’ll Never Take Me Down (feat. Kevin Young of Disciple)
          04. Do Ya Got That?
          05. It Ain’t Easy
          06. Push Up
          07. I Won’t Ever Stop (feat. GoldinChild)
          08. Fan Mail
          09. You Can Still Come Back
          10. Can I Be Honest?
          11. Pump That
          12. 5 Minutes (In The Garden)
          13. Daddy’s Girl (ft. Liquid)
          14. Wake Up (feat. Toby Morrel of Emery)
          15. Say What You Want
          16. It’s Gonna Be Alright (feat. Blanca Reyes of Group 1 Crew)
          17. You Hang Up First
          18. Always Here For You
          19. Take Every Part of Me (feat. Ayeshia Woods)

    KJ-52 Remixed (2006)
          01. FiveTweezy (Disco Mania Remix)
          02. Revenge Of The Nerds (Horns A Plenty Remix)
          03. Dear Slim Pt. 2 (True Story Remix)
          04. 47 Emcees (Plus 18 More Remix)
          05. I Can Call On You (Piano Love Remix)
          06. Are You Real? (Oregon Trail Remix)
          07. Jesus (Reggaeton Remix)
          08. Plain White Rapper (Kalimba Remix)
          09. Rock With It (Eat To The Beat Lunch Mix Remix)
          10. Mullet Pride (Country Krunk Remix)
          11. For The Ladies (Soul Vibe Remix)
          12. Things I Like (Timbojones Remix)
          13. Washed Up (Dbl. Time Remix)
          14. Run For Cover
          15. Napoleon Dynamite

    Behind The Musik (A Boy Named Jonah) (2005)
          01. Dad: “That’s How You Got Your Name” (Intro)
          02. Fivetweezy
          03. Are You Real?
          04. Rock With It
          05. God
          06. Behind The Musik
          07. Mom: “Sitting In The Puddle” (Interlude)
          08. Thank You
          09. Jesus
          10. Right Here
          11. Video Games
          12. Plain White Rapper
          13. Dad: “Ybor City” (Interlude)
          14. Things I Like
          15. Life After Death
          16. Never Look Away
          17. For The Ladies
          18. Mom: “I wanted to call you Sky” (Interlude)
          19. I Can Call On You
          20. Cry No More
          21. One
          22. He Is All
          23. Dad: “It was God working in your life” (Outro)

    Soul Purpose (2004)
          01. WWSP Radio (Intro)
          02. Rocking The Jam
          03. Eyes Open Wide
          04. Bounce With Me
          05. WWSP Shout Outs (Interlude)
          06. Something For You
          07. Gonna Be Alright
          08. No Stopping Me
          09. WWSP Testimonials (Interlude)
          10. You're The One
          11. I Miss You
          12. Do You Want To Go?
          13. Captain Crunkalicious (Interlude)
          14. It's Just You
          15. Only You
          16. WWSP Signing Off (Outro)

    Peace of Mind (2003)
          01. Turn It Up!
          02. Don't Ever Give Up
          03. I Am
          04. We Gon A Make It
          05. Coming Soon
          06. After All
          07. Scream
          08. Will You Go Out With Me?
          09. Where You Gonna Go?
          10. Crucify

    It's Pronounced 'Five-Two' (2003)
          01. Welcome To Five-Two's (intro)
          02. KJ Five Two
          03. Whoop Whoop
          04. Dear Slim Pt. 2
          05. So In Love With You
          06. Cartoon Network
          07. Rock On
          08. Back In The Day
          09. Can I Speak To A Manager? (Interlude) / Ya Bref Stank
          10. 47 Pop Stars
          11. Pick Yourself Up
          12. Don't Go
          13. Check Yourself
          14. Infomercial (interlude)
          15. #1 Fan
          16. I Feel So Good
          17. I'm Guilty
          18. Outro / Gimme Dat
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