Listen to the new album from Sam Hauge!
Listen to the new album from Sam Hauge!

Top 15 albums

   "Music is God's gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven." -Walter Savage Landor

Christopher Smith

1 House of Heroes

"Since their musical masterpiece The End Is Not The End first came out I have been continually captivated by the stories HoH tell with their music, both lyrically and instrumentally. Between their ever-changing brand of rock, Tim Skipper's gorgeous vocals, cleverly crafted lyrics, and a dash of silliness these guys have all the right ingredients to hold the top spot on my list for years."

Favorite Album: The End Is Not The End

Favorite Songs: "Code Name: Raven," "In The Valley of the Dying Sun," "Choose Your Blade"

2 Needtobreathe

"I became a Needtobreathe fan when I first heard The Heat in 2007. Each CD I've bought from them since then has been worth its weight in silver (gold is too expensive at over $1,000 an ounce). Their consistency in releasing high quality content and their astonishing live show cements their status as one of my favorite bands."

Favorite Album: The Outsiders

Favorite Songs: "The Outsiders," "Won't Turn Back," "Wasteland"
3 Disciple

"Disciple's heavy hitting Christ-centered lyrics have been challenging and encouraging me in my faith for many years. Kevin Young's vocals are always drenched with emotion—regularly sending chills down my spine whether he is delivering a throat-wrenching scream on "Scars Remain" or stretching voice on "Lay My Burdens."

Favorite Album: Scars Remain

Favorite Songs: "God of Elijah," "Purpose to Melody," "All We Have Is Now," "The Name"
4 The Classic Crime

"I somehow missed Albatross when it first came out, but these guys caught my attention with The Silver Chord. When Matt MacDonald unleashes his majestic vocals paired with his poignantly poetic lyrics, something truly magical happens."

Favorite Album: The Silver Chord

Favorite Songs: "Salt In The Snow," "We All Look Elsewhere (Revisited)," "The Precipice"
4 Thousand Foot Krutch

"Maybe I'm still holding onto some nostalgia from throwing up my rawkfist, but I'm continually impressed by these guys (save Oxygen:Inhale). Like Disciple, TFK has been a staple for me since I became a Christian at the age of 14. I often associate their music with a couple important memories in my life from getting pumped running through the dessert in Arizona, my friend dislocating his shoulder in a mosh pit while they were performing "Move" and singing my wife to sleep with "My Home."

Favorite Album: Phenomenon

Favorite Songs: "E For Extinction," "Phenomenon," "So Far Gone"
4 DC Talk

"My first experience of DC Talk was after they broke up. In a way, I'm glad this is was case because like a good TV show that gets cancelled before it has the chance to wrap up, it's easier to watch the whole series knowing it has an unfinished ending than to experience the heartbreak in the moment."

Favorite Album: Jesus Freak

Favorite Songs:"Will Power," "What If I Stumble," "So Help Me God"
4 Sanctus Real

"I've only ever had two artists I've ever claimed as my favorite: House of Heroes and Sanctus Real. I considered Sanctus Real my favorite band until about 2010 when Suburba and Pieces of a Real Heart came out, the combination of which effectively switched them as favorites. They had a stellar run at the top spot and still hold a dear place in my heart."

Favorite Album: Fight The Tide

Favorite Songs: "Alone," "I'm Not Alright," "The Face of Love"
4 Lecrae

"The only rapper to make my rock-heavy list. He's a game changer for the CHH community, spitting heavy-hitting truth over fresh beats. Whether he is rapping about theological matters or social issues, he always has something significant to say."

Favorite Album: Rehab

Favorite Songs: "Fear," "Don't Waste Your Life," "Boasting"
4 David Crowder*Band

"Fun, creative worship music. Few worship albums have been as expertely crafted and thought out as Church Music and A Collision. They've got songs for corporate worship, personal worship, and dancing. What more do you need?"

Favorite Album: Church Music

Favorite Songs: "Eastern Hymn," "Wholly Yours," "O Praise Him"
4 Project 86

"The band I come to when I just need some hard rock with a good dose of screaming. They can be fairly cryptic at times, but Andrew Schwab always has something interesting to say. And I really appreciate his passion."

Favorite Album: Picket Fence Cartel

Favorite Songs: "The Spy Hunter," "Oblivion," "A Shadow On Me," "Above the Dessert Sea"
4 My Epic

"Broken Voice was my first introduction to My Epic and no other musical project has had as significant of an impact on my faith than that 8 song album. Their lyrics are stunningly beautiful and I'm not ashamed to say I've cried listening to their music."

Favorite Album: Broken Voice

Favorite Songs: "Hail," "Alone," "Lazarus"
4 The Gray Havens

"These guys have only been making music for a couple years and only have two projects to their name, but they quickly made their way into my heart this year with their amazing storytelling and unique singer/songwriter style."

Favorite Album: Fire & Stone

Favorite Songs: "Train Station," "Stole My Fame: (To Grace)," "Jack and Jill, pt. 2"
4 Paper Route

"I love mysterious bands like Secret & Whisper and Falling Up but they didn't end up in my top 15 because it's ultimately hard to relate to the vast majority of their lyrics. Paper Route is one of the few relatively mysterious bands that are also somehow relevant to real life. And they put on one amazing live show."

Favorite Album: The Peace of Wild Things

Favorite Songs: "You and I," "Enemy Among Us," "Two Hearts," "Glass Heart Hymn"
4 Ivoryline

"The second shortest discography on my list with only two albums and an independent EP under their belt. These guys have seemingly gone off the grid but I'm still holding out for another album from these talented rockers."

Favorite Album: Vessels

Favorite Songs: "Day's End," "Hearts and Minds," "Instincts," "No One Else"
4 Audio Adrenaline

"The original Audio Adrenaline is a CCM staple. They knew how to have fun, point everything to Jesus, and challenge you to live out your faith. Audio A 2.0 was something I reluctantly got on board with but I'm not a fan of the new incarnation of the band."

Favorite Album: Underdog

Favorite Songs: "Dirty," "Mighty Good Leader," "Get Down"


Falling Up, Jars of Clay, Emery, TobyMac, Newsboys, The Wedding, Relient K, Rend Collective, Switchfoot, FM Static, Showbread

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