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Top 15 albums

Michael Weaver

1 MxPx

"This has been my favorite band since about 1995-96. I discovered the boys from Bremerton at an age where I was really discovering, and devouring, all the music I could. Mike's lyrics about -- well, life in general -- just clicked. It's obvious they may not all be in the same place spiritually as they once were, but they helped to bring punk rock to the forefront of the Christian music industry. I'll be a fan until the day I die."

Favorite Album: Life in General

Favorite Songs: "Tomorrow's Another Day," "Do Your Feet Hurt," and "GSF"

2 Jars of Clay

"Jars of Clay is one of the most consistent bands in CCM history. They release music regularly, vary their sound, and always sound amazing in general. Jars of Clay's self-titled also released at a very influential time in my life. I first heard "Flood" a youth camp (before the album's release) and fell in love immediately. After all of these years the band is still releasing quality material and finding a way to stay relevant."

Favorite Album: Jars of Clay

Favorite Songs: "Worlds Apart," "Frail," and "Jealous Kind"
3 Five Iron Frenzy

"Ah... The third wave ska movement was one of the greatest times (for me) in musical history. As a newcomer to rock and punk music, the sound of the horns were intoxicating. Five Iron Frenzy, in particular, stuck with me because they were a little more punk rock. The songs were catchy, the lyrics ranged from the hysterical to praise and worship, and the band's members themselves were just fun. Five Iron's breakup was heartbreaking, but news of their return brought back joy. It's great that these guys are back in the fold."

Favorite Album: Our Newest Album Ever

Favorite Songs: "Every New Day," "Oh, Canada," and "You Can't Handle This"
4 The O.C. Supertones

"The Supertones were my first love of the ska scene. Adventures and Strike Back were just fantastic. As they progressed in sound I latched on more to Five Iron, but Mojo and the crew will always hold a special place in my heart."

Favorite Album: Supertones Strike Back

Favorite Songs: "Adonai," "Supertones Strike Back," and "Little Man"
4 DC Talk

"Toby, Mike, and Kevin were my first real introduction to Christian music beyond southern gospel music and CCM artists like Ray Boltz. Free at Last was my first taste and then Jesus Freak changed my life and prospective on music in general. I became a music junkie and never looked back. dcTalk had several good albums, but they would've made this list with Jesus Freak alone. It's sad that a true DC reunion never happened, but they will go down as legends nonetheless."

Favorite Album: Jesus Freak

Favorite Songs: "What if I Stumble," "Jesus Freak," and "Word 2 the Father"
4 Audio Adrenaline (original)

"Like many, "Big House" was my introduction to Audio Adrenaline. I fell in love with Bloom and got completely hooked with Zombie. AA was even in my top 3 favorite bands for a long time. Each album brought a slightly different sound and I like each for a different reason. While I hardly consider this new version of the band to be Audio Adrenaline in the slightest, I will always hold onto and remember Will and the glory days."

Favorite Album: Underdog

Favorite Songs: "Man of God," "Chevette," and "Mighty Good Leader"
4 Dogwood

"Dogwood is a punk band from California, but it's very likely you've never heard of them or seen them live -- unless of course you're from the San Diego area. They aren't a hardcore punk group, but they have some tendencies and hung out with hardcore bands. Musically, they are akin to a group like Pennywise, but lyrically they are very Christ-centered and often thought provoking. "In the Line of Fire" should be required listening for anyone considering an abortion; it's an extremely powerful point of view."

Favorite Album: Through Thick and Thin

Favorite Songs: "In the Line of Fire," "Through Thick and Thin," and "Feel the Burn"
4 Newsboys (pre-Love Liberty Disco)

"In the 90's the Newsboys were part of the big three in Christian music (dcTalk and Audio A being the rest). The Aussie group really took off after Peter Fuller took the reigns as full-time lead singer. Going Public was the real start of their rise, but Take Me to Your Leader took them to all new heights. These guys helped to provide part of the soundtrack to my youth. While I started to lose interest with Love Liberty Disco, these days my interest had plummeted to zero. While the glory days are long gone, I well always be grateful for the Newsboys."

Favorite Album: Take Me to Your Leader

Favorite Songs: "Boycott Hell," "Shine," and "Lost the Plot"
4 Demon Hunter

"I got into heavy music just before Demon Hunter arrived in the scene. Most of the heavier music I liked was introduced to me by a non-Christian friend, so I was unaware of much heavy Christian music (except maybe Mortification and Living Sacrifice). The first Demon Hunter album reminded me of Slipknot and I got hooked rather quickly. The band's ability to walk the line between all out metal and amazing softer ballads has always stood out for me. The guys always release quality material and I'm still a fan today."

Favorite Album: Storm the Gates of Hell

Favorite Songs: "Beheaded," Sixteen," and "Carry Me Down"
4 Bleach

"Perfect Family" was my introduction to Bleach -- and oh what an introduction it was. I quickly fell for their slightly awkward and alternative sound, which reminded me of Weezer. Bleach continually released solid albums throughout the years, and while they haven't released anything in quite some time, they certainly haven't been forgotten. If Davey and the boys ever release a new album, or EP, I'll be there on release day."

Favorite Album: Space

Favorite Songs: "Perfect Family," "Epidermis Girl," and "Super Good Feeling"
4 Relient K

"I bought Relient K's debut album on a whim because it had a sticker that said, "For fans of MxPx." I think a direct comparison to the Pokinatcha Punks is a bit overstated, I did enjoy the record. It's by far their worst, but it lead to a hugely successful career. These days the K are making music that really isn't to my taste, but I still love going back in their discography for a fun pop-punk listen."

Favorite Album: Two Lefts Don't Make a Right... But Three Do

Favorite Songs: "For the Moments I Feel Faint," "Forward Motion," and "I Hate Christmas Parties"
4 All Star United / Ian Eskelin

"All Star United is the Brit rock band that's as American as they can be (I've always thought they sounded like a British alt/rock band in influence). Ian Eskelin, the mastermind behind ASU, is a much underappreciated artist and songwriter. The group is super fun and mastered the art of writing catchy tunes. A lot of people aren't familiar with ASU, but I consider myself extremely lucky to have discovered them so many years ago."

Favorite Album: Self-titled

Favorite Songs: "Savior of My Universe," "Smash Hit," and "Thank you, Goodnight"
4 Anberlin

"I was not a fan of Anberlin when they first came out. I didn't like really like the music or the vocals. One night I decided to suffer through an Anberlin set at a Relient K show. I went home and bought Blueprints For the Black Market shortly after. When Never Take Friendship Personal released I was sold. I enjoyed their music, watching them accomplish great things, and was saddened when they broke up. I'm glad I gave them a second chance and had a change of heart. I would've missed out on some great music if I hadn't."

Favorite Album: Never Take Friendship Personal

Favorite Songs: "Paper Thin Hymn," "Feel Good Drag," and "Velvet Covered Brick"
4 Playdough

"I've listed to, and have been a fan of, CHH for many years. There have been a lot of great artists, but none had ever caught my attention like Playdough. I love his solo work and gravitate towards other artists songs when he has a guest appearance. Whether it's with Ill Harmonics, Sean P, all alone, or with some random artist, Playdough is master of his craft. I love the dude and hope he keeps doing what he's been doing."

Favorite Album: Hotdoggin'

Favorite Songs: "My Cadillac," "1 Day," and "King of Queens"
4 Smalltown Poets

"I got the first Smalltown Poets album as a gift. Not because the giver thought I would like the band, but simply because it was the only "enhanced CD" that they could find in the store. Those CDs were starting to become a big deal at that time and they knew I thought the enhanced discs were cool. While this could've been disastrous, the album was actually really good! I've been a fan ever since the risky gift and look forward to the guys releasing some more music in the future."

Favorite Album: Self-titled

Favorite Songs: "Monkey's Paw," "I'll Give," and "Anything Genuine"

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