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Listen to the new album from Acoustic Truth!

Top 15 albums

Logan Leasure
1 Switchfoot, The Beautiful Letdown (2003) -
"This is the defining album of Switchfoot's entire career. Every track on this album is unique and perfect. If anyone ever asked me for my opinion of what "real music" was, I'd hand them a copy of this record, and that would be all they would need."
2 Flyleaf, Flyleaf (2005) -
"I don't think it's possible to get sick of this record. I listen to the whole thing at least once a week. The messages, the music, and Lacey Mosley's voice are an incredible combination, and unsurprisingly, they've become a staple in the industry."
3 Lifehouse, Who We Are (2007) -
"When I heard "First Time" on the radio for the first time back in early 2007, I knew I'd have to get this record. It couldn't have been more worth it. Make sure to check out "Storm" and "Who We Are" if you haven't already."
4 The Fray, How to Save a Life (2005) -
"The Fray is probably, in my opinion, the most authentic band out there. They've got Jesus, they've got talent, and they've got class. I'm sure that they never thought they'd be international superstars, but when How to Save a Life hit airwaves, everyone knew who they were, and most importantly, everyone heard their messages of faith."
4 Third Day, Revelation (2008) -
"One of Christian music's longest running bands had never really managed to win me over until the release of Revelation. It's been of one of the best releases in 2008, and something about nearly every track has managed to click with me as a listener, especially "Born Again," the duet with Lacey Mosley which left me speechless after the first time I heard it."
4 Jump5, Accelerate (2003) -
"Five years ago, when this record released, I was 11. Those were the days when I'd rather listen to pop instead of rock. Times have changed, of course, but this record was constantly in my CD player in 2003 and 2004 and was a great alternative to being sucked into secular music. I liked this album so much that occasionally I still give it a listen, and I'm definitely not ashamed to say that."
4 Jon McLaughlin, Indiana (2007) -
"After listening to the song "Human" from this album due to recommendation of a friend, I was hooked. The day after, I went out and bought Indiana and have loved the whole thing every day since. Jon's talent is incredible."
4 MercyMe, The Christmas Sessions (2005) -
"Christmas music is the best thing about the holidays. MercyMe made it even better in 2005 with the release of The Christmas Sessions. From October to December of every year, this is the most played CD in the house, in the car, and on my MP3 player. "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" and "Christmas Time is Here" are the standouts on this album, and there's no doubt that everyone's heard their rendition of "O Holy Night" on the radio."
4 Switchfoot, Nothing Is Sound (2005) -
"After the success of 2003's The Beautiful Letdown, Switchfoot won me and countless others over again with this record. The band took to the challenge of reaching out to the teenage audience more than anything on the album, and ultimately succeeded. I pre-ordered Nothing Is Sound months in advance, and definitely wasn't let down."
4 Search The City, A Fire So Big the Heavens Can See It (2008) -
"Once again due to the recommendation of another friend (thanks Tyler!), this Detroit-based band gained another fan. Whether you call their sound "emo" or rock, their messages are clear and their music is great - especially on "Clocks and Timepieces" and "Ambulance Chaser."
4 Lifehouse, No Name Face (2000) -
"Often times, a band's original work is some of their best. That's the case here. No Name Face actually proved to turn Lifehouse into the contrary of a "no name face" band, most notably with one of my all-time favorites by them, "Hanging By a Moment."
4 The Afters, I Wish We All Could Win (2005) -
"This is the album that helped introduce us to The Afters, and it did a fine job. "Beautiful Love" remains my favorite here, but it's hard not to identify with most of the other tracks on the album - especially the worship track "All That I Am."
4 Mat Kearney, Nothing Left To Lose (2006) -
"It's "Undeniable" how brilliant this record is. Mat Kearney's unique vocals pull through on each track and everywhere in between. This, of course, presents a challenge for Kearney to top the quality of this album on his next one, but knowing what he can do, I think that can easily be achieved."
4 Relient K, Mmhmm (2005) -
"Matt Thiessen and his crew are musical geniuses. They really know how to make a record that truly shows who they are as a band. From "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" to "I So Hate Consequences" and almost every other track, Relient K makes this their best album to date."
4 The Afters, Never Going Back To OK (2008) -
"The Afters easily fulfilled the expectations set after their 2005 release right here. In what could easily become 2008's Album of the Year, Never Going Back to OK has standout moments on "Keeping Me Alive" and "Summer Again." The thought put into this record is evident throughout and the combination of music and sometimes very emotional messages make this album a keeper and a true classic."

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