Listen to the new album from Acoustic Truth!
Listen to the new album from Acoustic Truth!

Top 15 albums

    This is in sort of an order...
Laura Sproull
1 Falling Up, Crashings (2004) -
"A phenomenal debut by my all time favorite band. I immediately fell in love with these guys during my first viewing of the "Broken Heart" music video."
2 The Send, Cosmos (2007) -
"Joseph Kisselburgh's solo venture has proved just as successful as his previous (Falling Up). Ambient tunes mixed with melodic vocals and intriguing lyrics equal bliss."
3 A Dream Too Late, Intermission To The Moon (2007) -
"A Dream Too Late's music may provoke a "cosmic" or "spacey" feel at times, but their debut is quite refreshing and distinguishes this Oregon-based band from all the other Tooth and Nail artists."
4 Thousand Foot Krutch, Phenomenon (2003) -
"I have to admit: at first, this Canadian rock quartet didn't impress me much. I became increasingly frustrated and annoyed at their "Rawkfist" music video and longed for the next video to start. Not long after, TFK's music grew on me and I began to love their edgy, in-your-face style. I bought their sophomore release about four years ago and to this day it never ceases to amaze me. This record is nothing short of a "phenomenon."
4 Skillet, Comatose (2006) -
"Skillet has been one of my favorite bands since I was given a copy of Collide back in 2004. Every album produced is a new work of art, and their latest collection is no exception."
4 Pillar, For the Love of the Game (2008) -
"When Pillar first appeared on the radar with their debut, no one knew much about them. It wasn't until their album Fireproof that people began to notice these Oklahoma natives. Pillar's latest record has only fueled the flame and intensity of their success."
4 Deas Vail, All The Houses Look The Same (2007) -
"A few month's ago, I purchased Deas Vail's first album. It was because of a fellow JFH staffer's suggestion (you know who you are!) that I decided to check out their music. Because of that recommendation, Deas Vail's debut release is one of my favorite records and I'm always in the mood to listen."
4 Lost Ocean, Lost Ocean (2007) -
"While nationwide touring is not exactly a top priority, these Bakersfield boys do come through and deliver when it comes to mastering the art of indie rock. Their debut has captivated my emotions and may very well do the same for you."
4 Hawk Nelson, …Is My Friend (2008) -
"Hawk Nelson has been known for their pop/punk standards and vivacious energy. While their latest installment may seem like a replica of old material, their songs speak of truth, love, life, and loss-issues that hit home with everyone. Energetic, fun, and honest describe Hawk Nelson's third release to a T."
4 The Rocket Summer, Do You Feel (2007) -
"Bryce Avary is known as the brains behind The Rocket Summer. His sophomore record is nothing short of raw boldness, intensity, and bluntness. Every track illustrates personal issues we all face, creating a more intimate connection with the listener. Do You Feel has talent, originality, and potential written all over."
4 Lifehouse, No Name Face (2000) -
"Although No Name Face reflects the early stages of Lifehouses's emergence, it is the sole record that solidified their career and jumpstarted their fame. I listen to this album periodically, and it amazes me at how beautiful the music, lyrical, and vocal components fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Take the opportunity to listen and you'll see what I'm talking about."
4 Run Kid Run, Love At The Core (2008) -
"Battle cry anthems and "oh-oh-ohs" are all the more present in Run Kid Run's follow-up, Love At The Core. Even though the lack of contrast between both records is evident, RKR has made progress and is heading in the right direction. I enjoy their latest compilation, and look forward to their future happenings."
4 Relient K, Five Score And Seven Years Ago (2007) -
"Gone are the days of Marilyn Manson eating Matt Thiessen's girlfriend and enter the days of the more serious side of Relient K. Their fifth collection of hits reflects issues of the self and how they correspond with the changes in life. While fans (and I at times) miss the lighthearted and humorous touch in Relient K's music, there is still a great amount to embrace within this new direction and style. There are no signs depicting Relient K's departure anytime soon…a reassuring fact that deserves celebration."
4 Capital Lights, This Is An Outrage! (2008) -
"Capital Lights was recently added to the ranks of the 2008 Tooth and Nail roster and debuted in mid-July. High doses of originality will not be found here, but for those seeking music that's bursting with excitement and hype, look no further than This Is An Outrage!. Personally, I love this band and the music they produce and I'm eager to hear more from them."
4 Nevertheless, …In The Making (2008) -
"Various critics have ranted and raved over the latest from Nevertheless. Relevant topics facing today's youth as well as other important subjects permeate the entire record, forming that special bond and interaction between the music and listener. Everyone has their own opinion, but here's mine: this is a promising collaboration that guarantees a bright future for Nevertheless."

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