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Top 15 albums

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Tim Harro
2 DC Talk, Jesus Freak (1995) -
"Simply classic. This album was one of the first to get me really excited about music and is a giant milestone in 'Christian music' history. I've loved it ever since first grade and each song will have a place in my heart forever."
2 Newsboys, Take Me To Your Leader (1996) -
"This is another one that has been dear to me since elementary school. The overall superior songwriting and unforgettably fun tunes make this easily one of the Newsboys' finest releases."
3 Newsboys, Step Up To The Microphone (1998) -
"If you haven't yet noticed, I was raised chiefly on DC Talk and Newsboys as my favorite childhood bands. Step Up To The Microphone is arguably the best album the Newsboys ever put out and it still sounds fresh 10 years later."
4 DC Talk, Supernatural (1998) -
"This record taught me how to use a CD player! As the follow up to Jesus Freak, it was almost immediately my new favorite CD when I got it and I played it... until my family yelled at me."
4 Extol, Undeceived (2000) -
"Enough cannot possibly be said for the inexpressibly phenomenal music of what I believe to be the greatest band I've ever heard. Deeply spiritual lyrics are screamed while ingeniously dynamic song structures flow through practically incalculable time signatures as each musician is at his highest possible level of performance. I just can't convey how invaluable Extol is to the collection of anyone who can handle the extremities of the metal genre and appreciate inaccessible musicianship. Undeceived is my favorite."
4 Toby Mac, Momentum (2001) -
"When DC Talk parted ways, I (like everyone) was intensely eager to hear what the solo projects would sound like. Momentum is my all time favorite of those projects and it pumped me up all through Junior High with its wildly diverse, fun, and spiritually energizing mix."
4 Thousand Foot Krutch, Phenomenon (2003) -
"I received this album by request for my 13th Birthday at a time when I was craving and attempting to explore heavier music. TFK instantly blew me away with what sounded to me like the most solid record I'd ever heard and they became my favorite band in eighth grade."
4 Skillet, Collide (2003) -
"This project blows all of Skillet's other CDs out of the water. I remember hearing 'Savior' on the radio and practically wetting my pants out of pure awe! The best part is that all of the other songs in the mix are equally amazing!"
4 Project 86, Songs to Burn Your Bridges By (2004) -
"This was pretty much the centerpiece of my eighth grade year's memorable migration into heavier music. The passion of Andrew Schwab's yelling and the angst of the music was irresistible to my young and inspired ears. Not to mention the potency of the lyrics. Thank you, Project 86!"
4 Showbread, No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical (2004) -
"The famous Columbus, Ohio station RadioU had a huge impact in my listening habits that made my eighth grade year so monumental in my life as a music fanatic. One of their greatest contributions was the introduction of Showbread. The video for "Mouth like a Magazine" is priceless and this ridiculous collection of screamo-dance-pop-punk-rock is absolutely one of the most artistically inspiring projects I have experienced."
4 Andy Hunter, Life EP (2005) -
"Up until 2005, I had never acknowledged any form of techno music as a legitimate genre in my personal bubble of musical interest. But Andy Hunter brought the style to life for me when the single 'Lifelight' was played incessantly on RadioU. I have played this EP on many memorable car trips and still value it as a completely irreplaceable part of my collection."
4 Edison Glass, A Burn Or A Shiver (2006) -
"Edison Glass was one of the primary bands to initiate my still growing delight in the broad spectrum of indie rock music. When I first bought this record, I obviously knew I would enjoy it but never expected it to become such an enduring favorite. The musicianship infuses the style with thrilling intelligence and the lyrics are impressively worshipful."
4 Lost Ocean, Lost Ocean (2007) -
"Last year, I hardly went a day without listening to Lost Ocean. This year I've continued to love this beautiful debut as a timeless modern pop-rock album with indie finesse and radio worthy gloss."
4 Deas Vail, All The Houses Look The Same (2007) -
"Despite my affinity for Lost Ocean, however, Deas Vail's debut somehow rose above to be remembered as my favorite album of 2007. It's simply irresistible. Wes Blaylock's vocals are unparalleled and the music just has a uniquely capturing feel. I don't think I've ever recommended a band to more people!"
4 August Burns Red, Messengers (2007) -
"If you ask my friends who my favorite band is they are likely to say August Burns Red. This band has astounded me ever since I saw them live in 2006. Their ferocious riffs get me pumped up like nothing else. I fell in love with Thrill Seeker just in time for this sophomore album to unbelievably top it out and rise to the top ranks of my metal library."

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