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Patrick Anderson
1 DC Talk, Jesus Freak (1995) -
"The album that broke barriers for Christian music. With extreme influence on thousands of individuals, this release also 'inspired the creation of this very website!' as quoted by John DiBiase. It contains the aggresive rock that fans were eager to listen to as well as worshipful classics that will never be forgotten by most ,such as "What If I Stumble," "In The Light," and "Mind's Eye." There's not one single song on this album that is not relevant to today's society."
2 Relient K, Five Score and Seven Years Ago (2007) -
"Just when I think a band can't get any better, Relient K impresses me once again and proves to me they can make me fall in love with a newer project. This album is near perfect from beginning to end, as they push the envelope and create deep meaningful songs for all ages. The band as a whole has continued to meld musical influences and backgrounds into one amazing force. In my mind, even the closer "Deathbed" has become one of the most lovely pieces of work I've heard from a band in a long time."
3 Switchfoot, The Beautiful Letdown (2003) -
"Switchfoot's breakout record that pushed them mainstream back in 2003. Many people will remember the hits "Meant To Live," and the re-recorded "Dare You To Move." I will remember ones such as "This Is Your Life," "Ammunition," and "More Than Fine." The few ballads the album has to offer are amazing as well, and Jon Foreman really had found where Switchfoot was 'meant to be.'
4 Five Iron Frenzy, The End is Here (2004) -
"Unfortunately, we all hated to see the premature death of such a great ska/rock band. Their last release before being "put to sleep" was indeed their strongest and is highly recommended by many. It's made me wonder how much more potential Five Iron could have had if they made a few more albums..."
4 David Crowder Band, A Collision or (3 + 4 = 7) (2005) -
"This project from the David Crowder Band really stood out to me. With uniquely flowing transitions and all kinds of musical greatness, this album was my favorite of his, still to this date. With favorites such as "I Saw The Light," and "Here Is Our King," it's a record that will be hard to get sick of. The way the tracks are labeled into four parts is neat too. Part C including the rock opera "You Are My Joy," was my favorite part of the album. There's endless nice things I can say about this record."
4 Thousand Foot Krutch, Phenomenon (2003) -
"This incredible project by TFK is an all-around wonderful rock release. Trevor McNevan's vocals really shined on this one and it's hard to say there's anything missing from this album. I would highly recommend this album to anyone who's a fan of hard rock that will make you pump your fists, yet has a real message."
4 Audio Adrenaline, Underdog (1999) -
"Audio A's fifth release, in my opinion, was their greatest. It will always be a Top 15 in my collection. The band was in their prime, and taking their own rock to a whole new level. This album is a must have for anyone who has enjoyed anything from Audio Adrenaline. A truly encouraging record to say the least!"
4 Jars Of Clay, Jars Of Clay (1995) -
"A legendary album indeed. It was difficult to pick one particular project by Jars of Clay, so I chose the foundation. With favorites like "Flood" and "Love Song For a Savior," it's hard to ignore such talent from a band who is still so good. If I could, I would stick all of their albums in the Top 15, but that really wouldn't be fair now, would it?"
4 Skillet, Comatose (2006) -
"I'd say it's about time Skillet's been put in the spotlight for a bit. Comatose is now the group's seventh complete record and has outdone all of their outstanding previous work. With the same "rock your face off" mentality, the band dove deeper into aggresively portraying their passions and love for what they do. Their sound has definitely improved, and with personal songs like "The Last Night," it's hard not to feel surrounded by the emotion."
4 P.O.D., Satellite (2001) -
"It was a difficult pick between Satellite and the newer Testify, but I chose Satellite because of its incredible sound and improvement upon the already awesome Fundamental Elements of Southtown. With that said, P.O.D.'s blend of rock, reggae, and rap have been a favorite of mine and there's no album of theirs that does not satisfy my urge to listen to what they have to say."
4 Project 86, Drawing Black Lines (2000) -
"Project 86 has truly impressed me with their following releases after Drawing Black Lines, but this one rocked harder than all the rest! From beginning to end, you'll hear a vast amount of screaming vocals and slamming guitars that may enthrall you. As one of my favorite all-time hard rock groups, I would certainly suggest starting with this project."
4 Grits, The Art of Translation (2002) -
"The Art of Translation was the only release it took to get me hooked into the hip/hop and rap scene. Never before had I been so in love with the lyrics and beats of a rap artist or group. Grits really caught my attention as this was the first rap album in my collection. Because of this brilliant disc, I've now become a fan of over 30 different rap artists in the Christian market."
4 Newsboys, Take Me To Your Leader (1996) -
"I suppose I should throw in a Newsboys album as well, since they too are one of the most prominent well known bands in the industry. Take Me To Your Leader was probably the most fascinating work of theirs in my opinion. Again, it's hard to agree on one particular album in the Top 15, but this one won over others because it truly shines and had the most affect on my life. Certainly worth the purchase!"
4 PAX217, Engage (2002) -
"With many flavors of rock, and a similar sound to the well known secular band 311, these guys had something going in the new millenium. Although their short career only produced two full length albums, Pax217 will always be a favorite of mine. Their message in both albums is always excellent to hear, and I always imagine of what else they could have done if they were still together as a band. My favorites from this album include songs such as "Tonight," "PSA," the personal "What Is Love," and the ballad, "Countin' Down the Days."
4 The Benjamin Gate, ["untitled"] (2001) -
"The Benjamin Gate certainly lived up to their hype with this debut record in 2001. Adrienne Liesching (now Adie Camp) hit the music scene hard singing with this rocking band from South Africa. I will remember this title for its impressive musical transitions and Adrienne's voice. She became my favorite female vocalist with this record."
"Sound of Melodies, Leeland (2006) - It's time for a new sound in the rock/worship realm. Leeland immediately caught my attention in 2006, and with their debut record, I fell in love. With such powerful lyrics and a distinct sound, it made me want to share this album with everyone I came in contact with. Loud and Clear, O.C. Supertones (2000) - I can't believe this record has been out for over eight years now! Loud and Clear was a favorite of mine, with songs that reminded me daily of my relationship with Jesus Christ. With resounding brass, and deep thought-provoking lyrics, Matt Morginsky created another album that would instantaneously capture me. Welcome To Diverse City, TobyMac (2004) - No one has probably influenced me as much in music as Toby has, especially when Kevin Max and Michael Tait created music together with him as dc Talk. Even Tobymac as his own solo endeavor, I've got to add him up here as a true loving individual who seeks to change people's lives. Check Diverse City out if you haven't already.

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