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Top 10 Facedown Records Releases

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I have been aware of Facedown since maybe 2005, but didn't really identify as a fan of the label until maybe 2018. However, since then they have become a label that I genuinely look forward to who they're going to sign/release next.

Honorable mentions: The Will To Rebuild by For All Eternity and Calloused by Gideon. --- Phil

10. Comeback Kid, Turn It Around

This was my first glimpse into the Facedown label. I received this album as a demo from a friend who worked in a Christian bookstore at the time. I knew nothing about the band, but the cover looked cool, so I took it. This opened me up to the greater Facedown discography. It will always be my "gateway" album to the label.

9. War of Ages, Arise & Conquer

The first time I heard "All Consuming Fire," I knew there was something more to War of Ages. I had not been consistently listening to heavier music until this album, but this album is what got me to give bands like For Today another chance. They explicitly proclaimed the Gospel without it being cheesy and/or watered down.

8. Hope For The Dying, Aletheia

My old band played some shows with these guys before they became known as Hope For The Dying. They were good then, but when they grew in to HFTD, they became great. Their entire discography is remarkably crafted, but Aletheia stands out amidst all their albums. Maybe someday we'll hear new material, or at least see their discography pressed on vinyl (just imagine the full sound in this format).

7. Attalus, Into the Sea

I didn't get around to this one until sometime in the past couple of years, but upon my first listen, I instantly experienced why this album is held in such high regard by the F.F.A.C. (Facedown Family Appreciation Club) on Facebook. It's a solid, nautically-themed album that was the band's grand opus.

6. Everything In Slow Motion, Phoenix

I came across EISM and was floored by how raw and honest Shane's lyricism was. This album is near flawless from start to finish and doesn't pull any punches lyrically. Added bonus that it features Christian from Blindside.

5. My Epic, Violence

This album is still resonating with me. When it released in 2019, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on me. "Black Light" became a track that I related to on so many levels and needed for some personal healing as I had been in the exact place the track was birthed from.

4. Dens, Taming Tongues / Tamed Tongues
(2020 / 2021)

This is a 2-for-1 deal. While both Taming Tongues and Tamed Tongues work well as standalone pieces, their tracks are transcendent in nature. Some pack a more powerful punch on Tamed, like "Keep" and "Quiet," while others are stronger in their Taming versions, like "Even" and "Foolish."

3. Hands, Give Me Rest

I didn't come around to Hands until after I had heard Everything in Slow Motion. Initially, I didn't realize that Shane Ochsner was the common denominator. Hands has a more visceral approach overall, but the title track "Give Me Rest" was a remarkable endcap on Hands' short tenure.

2. A Plea For Purging, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

This album is absolutely brutal. APFP never truly got the recognition they deserved, and they left a large hole that no other band has even come close to filling since they hung it all up. In addition, the album artwork is probably my favorite in the entire Facedown catalog.

1. My Epic, Viscera

This is an album I visit frequently. It spoke to me when I heard it for the first time, and it still speaks to me upon each additional listen. It's bold and powerful, all in an intricately crafted package both musically and lyrically. "Memoir" still wrecks me every time I hear it.

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